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Ireland Baldwin Just Went Purple — And You Can Too (Really)

Pantone’s 2014 color of the year just got further  confirmation that it’s cool: On Wednesday, model and social media staple Ireland Baldwin posted a series of selfies on Twitter showcasing her dramatic new hair hue – she dumped boring blond for vivid violet.  And, despite the fact that  “I’m going to dye my hair purple,” may be seven very scary words, Baldwin (following in the footsteps of professionally fashionable girls-about-town Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie, who’ve also gone the purple route) looks flat-out fabulous. What Baldwin and co. know is that unlike wild colors like blue or green, violet is actually really flattering.




My sleep schedule just said: “fuck you, you’re not going to sleep until 6am today because I said so”

ya its 6am and im still awake